Strategic Partners


The company Qwerty Informatica Srl, is based in Milan, Italy and was founded in 1999, with the aim of providing products, consulting services and value-added services. The evolution of our company over the years, developed our human resources with the appropriate knowledge and long experience, to inspire and create the new company Qwerty Hellas in order to transmit our know-how, specialization and experience in the Greek market. The technological environment applied by Qwerty Informatica, is of strategic importance to its customers and focuses mainly on the following areas:

  • Application Integration
  • Business Intelligence Systems

Services & Solutions

The provided services and solutions consist of the following:

  • Application management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing

Technology & People

The excellent implementation of such complex systems requires:

  • Human resources with analytical skills
  • Use of advanced technology with a leading position in the market, in order to ensure the continuation of the service and the continuous evolution of the technologies that will be selected
  • Certified technical staff with the appropriate knowledge, in order to use the optimal solution of the selected technologies

The most common technologies we use come from global market leaders in the information technology industry, including Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Business Objects and QlikView. It is the belief of Qwerty Informatica that they stand out in the IT market for the following reasons:

  • Technological specialization and know-how that they provide
  • Flexibility and dynamism of the team, which is at its core
  • Quality and reliability of the provided services

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