Company Presentation



The establishment of Qwerty Hellas in 2015 aims to offer the Greek market our know-how and specialization in the field of information technology, which we gained during the long experience through the company of our group Qwerty Informatica Srl, which is based in Milan, Italy since 1999 and has completed complex technological projects.


Our great experience in the field of technology but also the business activities of our company Qwerty Informatica Srl - with a distinguished clientele that transcends the borders of Italy as it has expanded to European countries such as Spain, Switzerland and France - helped to strengthen the idea of establishing a new IT company in the Greek market.
Our specialized know-how, our experience, continuous actions and investments in new technologies, make us the ideal technology partner, whom companies can trust to provide complete IT solutions as well as reliable consulting services.


The main areas of activity of Qwerty Hellas are in the field of Information and Communication Technologies as follows:

  • Business Intelligence - Development of BI systems
  • Application Integration - Complete solution applications
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Custom Application Development
  • Custom Solutions
  • Data Warehousing
  • Training workshops
  • Value Added Services


The goal of Qwerty Hellas is to understand, identify and focus on the business requirements of its customers and to offer solutions based on tools - software tailored to fully meet the individual needs of each business, based on all the possibilities provided by modern technology, offering them the best and highest quality technological result and giving them a competitive advantage to stand out in the market and maximize their benefits.


Each company is unique and our mission is to provide high support and implement business solutions that really pay off and contribute to the company's success.


Qwerty Hellas's vision is to offer the best results to customers by maximizing benefits, giving them a competitive edge to stand out in the market, maximizing the value of the information we provide and minimizing data processing and maintenance costs.


Qwerty Hellas follows and implements all relevant procedures to ensure the excellent quality of its services and to secure the personal / corporate data of companies.

Adaptive, Flexible and Reliable