Custom Solutions


Qwerty Hellas has the appropriate experience of systems study, analysis and software development for those cases where either the existing computer systems can not meet the requirements of the company, or it concerns new projects for which there are no ready-made solutions on the market. Our experience can ensure the development of the appropriate operational solution tailored to the needs of our customers, within predetermined schedules and budget.

The term "Application Integration" refers to extremely complex procedures followed in order to be able to expand the existing infrastructure (hardware & software) of a company, with the final aim to adapt its processes to the growing and ever-changing needs, while at the same time making businesses more flexible and friendlier for the end-user.


Our extensive experience in a wide range of fields, enables us to offer our customers support from the initial stages, which include the design, implementation and management of solutions that will improve their daily activities, such as:

  • Digitization of all manual (non-automated) processes
  • Real-time industrial control systems design, orders and productivity tracking
  • Ability to provide reports, either scheduled or created after important events (event-based) using SAP Business Objects and their distribution in various formats (PDF, HTML, Excel, etc) via e-mail, etc.

Based on the open architecture, this flexible solution enables the minimization of the ratio of time required over the result achievement, ensuring a lower overall cost of acquiring systems for IT.

Technology Solutions which make business run smoothly