Business Intelligence Systems

Business Inteligence 8

In the modern competitive environment, the success of a company depends on making the right decisions as soon as possible in order to lead to the best results for the company.

Business Intelligence Systems (BI) are systems that operate in an online environment and give access to our customers to collect and extract through reports, graphs or tables the results of data processed from the database of each company, providing quickly important information to management.

The BI systems give our customers the opportunity to make correct and immediate business decisions on a daily basis, through a friendly work environment. The analytics and search capabilities go hand in hand with the simplicity, speed and reliability of the results; these are the qualities that every software aimed at a wide range of users should have.


The choice of Qwerty Hellas as a partner for the implementation of a Business Intelligence (BI) System gives the customer the following advantages:

  • Mapping and customization of solutions according to customer needs
  • Effective methodology for implementation and project management
  • Ability to interface with other existing systems
  • Presentation of evidence data in an understandable and fully utilizable way through Dashboards, Pre-defined reports, Alerts, Graphs etc
  • Providing consulting and support services for the optimal design of performance indicators and the full utilization of the system by the company
  • Technical support mechanism in the productive operation of the system


Qwerty Hellas has developed, installed and implemented Business Intelligence (BI) systems in businesses, telecommunications providers and financial institutions.

Our experience and specialized human resources ensures the immediate management of data according to the company's vision, bringing as a result the successful project implementation.


The people of Qwerty Hellas, by studying and analyzing the needs of the customers, suggest the appropriate application that suits them, having the know-how of both Business Object - SAP and QlikView.  

In Business Intelligence we can give the solution